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Hiking to Pyramids of Zone and views of Lake Iseo

Piramidi di Zone

Lake Iseo

From April to November

About 6 hours

6 adults at least


Your perfect day among the nature beauties that surround Lake Iseo!

Imagine walking to the summit of Corna Trentapassi (1244 m) and admiring a magnificent and suggestive view of Lake Iseo, Franciacorta and Orobie. And along the way imagine to find a unique archaeological site where you can see about 70 dinosaur footprints, the first traces of reptiles found in Lombardy, dating back to the beginning of the era of dinosaurs!

How fascinating it will be to discover the rare natural phenomenon that distinguishes the Pyramids of Zone, rocks up to 30 meters high, with large boulders perched on their tops, which act as shields from the effects of water, creating a unique landscape!

Your Extraordinary experience is waiting for you! Book it now!


55€ per person

What's included:

  • A MilleMonti guide for the entire duration of the event

  • Technical organization

  • Hiking length: 12 km on paths

  • Hiking drop: about 700 m

  • You can choose the day you prefer

  • Time: from 9.30 to about 16.30

Rendi la tua giornata ancora più speciale!


The MilleMonti Bus takes you directly to the place of your experience. Check availability and book it now. Up to 8 people. Find out more about MilleMonti Bus.

Treat yourself to an hiking to Pyramids of Zone and views of Lake Iseo!

Panorama sul Lago d'Iseo da Corna Trentapassi
Piramidi di Zone
Panorama sul Lago d'Iseo da Corna Trentapassi

What you should know:

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