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A succession of woods and rocks that change colour with the changing seasons, streams and waterfalls that seem to belong to a painting: welcome to Sabbia Valley.
The Chiese river, emissary of Lake Idro, crosses the valley and its glacial basin is the ideal destination for sports fans.
The towns in the valley conceal hidden treasures and stories of great historical interest. 
The valley has always been known for its carving craftsmanship, passed down from father to son, and particularly visible on the altars and confessionals of the many famous churches, in particular the exemplary testimonies of the Boscaì family of Levrange. 
Not only carving, art and history, but also food and wine - the Bagoss cheese from Bagolino is famous and the area offers superb cuisine that combines the strong flavours of the mountain like mushrooms and game with the delicate flavours of lake perch and trout typically found in streams. 
Knowing the valley allows you to find small agri-food producers who, attentive to the passing of the seasons, cultivate the land and raise animals to obtain jams, honey and genuine Formaggella cheeses prepared with love, following the tradition handed down in the family. 
In addition to the towns near the Lake the Pertiche area, in the shadow of Corna Blacca, is a place where tradition and modernity redesign new equilibriums and nature imposes respectful tourist development reserved for the few where one can appreciate art, discover the local culture and local flavours.
The area of the Sabbia Valley is a destination of choice for fans of hiking due to the many trails, such as the famous smuggler's trail, named after said activities that once took place between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire; mainly concentrated in smuggling sugar and tobacco from Austria to Italy. The hospitality in small villages is genuine and sincere; in small hotels, restaurants and lodges smiles and cheerfulness are the common denominator of a tourist destination yet to be discovered, but strongly devoted to niche tourism for travellers who want to discover lands where nature is preserved from modernity and where the passing of time is slow and relaxed.      


Day 1

You reach the farm of High Perch in the evening and you will be welcomed as friends in an old renovated farmhouse; after a light dinner of wisely chosen cured meats and local cheeses with jams and homemade bread, it's time to rest to gather energy and all your senses for the routes that await.

Day 2
Wake up to a breakfast consisting of local products: cakes and meats, milk and cheese; and after many delicacies it is time to leave: a beautiful walk and you will reach the small Bonghi lake.... and the adventure begins!
An expert guide awaits to offer an experience of total immersion in nature: all the senses will be involved for a real adventure on the big lawn in bare feet, hands in the cool waters of the river, discover with eyes closed the secret noises of the forest, the smell of the earth and the sound of leaves, sounds and smells, the wind in the trees of the forest. And again, follow animal tracks, learn to recognize the different plants that inhabit this magical world and finally meet the horses that roam free in the meadow and will gladly take you riding to discover the nearby mountain, but not before a pleasant lunch with a view of the lake.
Dinner will be served at a restaurant in the area and will be another experience for the senses: the forgotten traditional flavours will completely engross you. Last night in the cosy room on the farm.

Day 3
A greeting to the animals on the farm and a nice breakfast, and then greet the fairies and elves hidden in the woods.





Val Sabbia - Pertiche Alte



Duration: 3 days


Price: Price from € 240 per person

The package includes: farm stay with breakfast, tastings, dinners as indicated, a magical experience with a nature guide! Children -50%



- Selection of typical products from the Sabbia Valley;
- A book of fairy tales for children.
From € 30 per person


from april to october

Info and booking: 

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mobile - +39 338 9013003

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